Tuesday, August 29

Sony Ericsson W810i

The latest big news bouncing about the ethers of the cell phone industry is Sony Ericsson’s announced release of the Sony Ericsson W810, an update to their already popular Sony Walkman Phone, the W800.

While much has been made of the fact that the upgrades aren’t drastic in nature, it’s interesting to note that what Sony Ericsson did was listen, and listen hard, to what people wanted out of the W800 as opposed to what they actually got, and the new W810 includes enough answers to the wish listing to leave any mobile phone enthusiast waltzing in his cubicle to the strains of “They heard me — they really really heard me!”

The biggest upgrade is the inclusion of EDGE technology, which boosts the W810’s multi-media functionality through the inclusion of high speed, wireless data downloading capability. EDGE enables speedier Internet access and downloading, as well as more efficient multi-media messaging, and the very multi-media W810 is now capable of wireless music downloads, freeing users from the tether-cord to their PC’s whenever they want to add tunes to their Walkman phone.

Additional added features are an improved headphone jack and keypad layout with dedicated music control keys instead of the joystick on the previous W800, there’s now quad-band capability instead of tri-band GSM, which makes the W810 a true world-roamer, you can use the W810 as a music player when the phone is switched off (handy for in-flight entertainment) and it comes bundled with a 512MB Memory Stick Pro Duo card, which is expandable to 2GB in order to hold a large music library.

sony ericsson w810i The W810 also features the list of functions that made the W800 such a hit: FM radio, Bluetooth, USB and infrared connectivity, email client, web browser and a 2 megapixel still and video camera, plus Sony’s proprietary music software.

With the release of the W810, Sony Ericsson makes a good thing even better.

(my mem stick is full with all the mp3 songs and lotsa snaps, thinking of buying a new 2Gb memory stick.)