Thursday, December 27

Hilarious Christmas Bells Orchestra

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Friday, November 9

Hot new phones of future

The world of wireless came together in San Francisco last week for CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment 2007 show. The three-day conference witnessed a slew of launches and announcements from global cell phone manufacturers.

Even as iPhone's international rollout draws close, companies like LG, Motorola and Samsung are drawing up strategies to protect their turf. CTIA showcased several of these flashy new phones. The good thing, however, is that not all of these phones are mere iPhone clones, but smarter phones in their own right, if one were to look at features, functionalities and applications.

i-mate Ultimate 9502
i-mate Ultimate 9502 The flagship handset in i-mate's line-up of Windows Mobile devices, i-mate Ultimate 9502 is pitched directly against high-end smartphones such as the Nokia E90.
Ultimate 9502 has a large 2.8" 640 x 480 pixel (VGA resolution) touchscreen. Underneath, this is a quad-band GSM device with GPRS and EDGE, tri-band UMTS (3G) with HSDPA high-speed data plus WiFi.
Also packed is a 3 megapixel digital camera with autofocus and flash, and i-mate Ultimate 9502 also has microSD expandable memory and Bluetooth.
A new feature with Ultimate 9502 is the inclusion of GPS (global positioning system). The Pocket PC offers navigation and several location-based services. Weighing 200 grams, iMate Ultimate 9502 support AAC, AAC+, MP3, Midi, AMR, ASF and WMA audio formats as well as H.263, H.264, MPEG4 and WMV video formats.
Mobile versions of PowerPoint, Word and Excel are included, plus Windows Media Player.

LG Rumor
LG Rumor The phone's display is a 2.0" 262k color TFT, 176x220 pixel resolution screen with 3D graphics support for gaming. Measuring 4.3 x 2 x 0.7 inches and weighing 116 gm the phone comes with a built-in hidden QWERTY keyboard for easy messaging.
In addition to its QWERTY keyboard, the LG Rumor sports a 1.3-megapixel camera/camcorder with a 2x digital zoom, Bluetooth and an MP3 player. LG Rumor also provides full-feature GPS navigation including voice and on screen turn-by-turn driving directions and more than 10 million business listings. A microSD memory slot with support for 4GB cards has also been incorporated.
LG Rumor provides access to instant messaging services including AIM, MSN and Yahoo! as well as several popular social networking communities, including Facebook and Xanga.

LG Voyager

LG Voyager This one's hottest from LG's Q4 line-up. LG Voyager has a large external touch-screen and opens laterally to reveal a full QWERTY keypad.
The clamshell cell phone supports high-speed EV-DO 3G network. Voyager includes an HTML Web browser, V CAST music and video and V CAST Mobile TV. V CAST is a mobile phone-based systems on which advanced games, including those with 3D graphics can be played. The phone can play .MP3, .WMA, and unprotected .AAC music files.
LG Voyager packs a 2.0 megapixel camera with video capture, there is a removable microSD memory slot that can hold up to 8GB of flash memory.
LG Voyager will hit the stores by the end of November 2007.

Motorola Moto U9
Motorola Moto U9 Motorola launched its new music phone, called the Moto U9. Featuring a built-in speaker, dedicated music key with integrated Bluetooth wireless technology, the phone is an ideal device for music lovers.
Moto U9 comes with optional 8GB microSD memory card, and has the capacity to store 1000 songs. It also features an MP3 music player with dedicated touch sensor buttons, Windows Media Player6 for easy to download and sync the user's music.
The Moto U9 also sports 1.4" x 128 x 160 pixel touch-sensitive OLED display, 1.3 megapixel camera with digital zoom, CrystalTalk technology that enables crystal clear voice quality in noisy environments, 25 MB internal memory and USB 2.07 to help deliver faster downloads from PC to phones.
Housed in a metallic gloss finish, the phone is designed in small, curvaceous and seamless form. The Motorola U9 delivers maximum talktime of seven hours, with up to 14 days standby time.

Motorola RIZR Z6tv
Motorola Rizr Z6tv Motorola's two-year run of success from the trend-setting Razr phone started crumbling about a year ago when sales eased off. Analysts expect the company to also benefit from other new phones such as the Rokr Z6m and Z6tv and the Moto U9.
Motorola RIZR Z6tv is a slider phone equipped with VCAST Mobile TV, VCAST Music and Video. The RIZR Z6tv provides entertainment lovers 24-hour access to broadcast-quality full-length TV shows through VCAST Mobile TV.
RIZR Z6tv is also equipped with Bluetooth stereo headset support for music, creating a wireless mobile music experience.
Additional features include a memory card slot, stereo Bluetooth, physical key lock switch, a QVGA display, 2 megapixel camera with video capture and playback, and EVDO data.

Nokia N81
Nokia N81 The Nokia N81, with a price around $479, has built-in maps and satellite navigation for getting directions, a high-resolution camera, instant messaging, and a 10 GB memory card that store up to 7,500 songs in compressed format.
The N810 resembles Apple's recently introduced iPod Touch Internet multimedia device, which also goes without phone features and costs $299. Nokia's new device was unveiled at a news conference ahead of the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.
Among the key differences, users can choose a touch screen, writing stylus or pop-up keyboard that hides behind its screen that is more than four inches across -- larger than Apple devices.

Samsung SCH-i760
Samsung SCH-i760The upgraded version of Samsung i730, Samsung i760, comes with both a traditional phone keypad and full QWERTY keyboard.
The dual keypad phone runs on Windows Mobile Professional version 6 and comes pre-loaded with Office apps like Internet Explorer Mobile and Windows Media Player 10 to play MP3 music and watch videos. The i760 can make calls and play music over both 2.5mm and wired Bluetooth headsets.
i760 is 0.8 inch in thickness with a 2.8-inch, 320 by 240 color screen.
The phone has a built-in 1.3 megapixel camera with 1280 x 960 resolution. SCH-i760 also supports wi-fi network, this means users can make free VOIP calls from any WiFi hotspot.

Samsung BlackJack II
Samsung BlackJack II Successor to Samsung's popular BlackJack, BlackJack II is a thin and lightweight QWERTY smartphone with 2.4-inch screen with a 320 x 240 pixel screen.
The phone includes features like a 2.4-inch 320 by 240 pixel screen, a 2 megapixel camera, tri-band 3G UMTS/HSDPA and quad-band EDGE/GPRS wireless connectivity, and built-in GPS.
The Windows Mobile 6-based phone holds Microsoft's System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008, introduced last week by Microsoft. The Device Manager provides companies with a means for managing and securing Windows Mobile devices, and for using devices over a Mobile Virtual Private Network.
The phone comes in two colours: red wine and piano black.

Saturday, November 3

Bathing Girl Answers Telephone

Girl comes out of the shower to receive the blank calls!

Wednesday, October 24

Sun Yoga (surya namaskar)

Wake up, face the morning sun and do the 12 Salutes to keep that great body of yours feeling light and easy all day long. (It was time I was serious about something very dear to me)

Monday, October 1

Bikini body art - a new fashion or just bodypaint work?

Has anyone saw a woman with a bikini body art on the beach? Nope? Well, this may become common these days if this kind of new fashion becomes popular (fingers crossed)… ;-)

Sunday, September 23

2007 TRD Aurion 3500S - Toyota Gets Into The Automotive Porn Business


Toyota Australia has jumped into the automotive porn business with the introduction of the 2007 TRD Aurion 3500S. Sweet car, for a baby seat hauler.

Viewed as a step up from the Toyota Aurion Sportivo in terms of both equipment, appearance, and performance, the TRD Aurion’s greatest asset is its Eaton TVS (Twin Vortices Series) Supercharger, which sees its first production car application here. The blower gives the TRD Aurion over 323 horsepower and a torque peak of 296 lb-ft, which is channeled forward via a six-speed automatic with sequential shift. 0-100km/h (62 mph) takes 6.1 seconds, and the car is limited to a top speed of 155 mph. Neither number is particularly earth-shattering compared to other specialty models, but TRD says that the goal was to achieve all-around balance rather than all-out performance. Combined-cycle fuel economy for the TRD Aurion is 21.5 US MPG.

Monday, September 17

Some Basic Rules about Blogging

In the new Internet arena the websites that are more interactive and easier to use, the more successful that they tend to become. If you are going to create a new web site these days then you will need to pay attention to these new concepts, or your web site will fail. Most users on the Internet want to be able to get the content that they want very quickly and with little or no effort on their part.

If your website can not deliver information in a very quick and efficient manner, then you will be left behind in a hurry. Some of the new features that allow your web site to accomplish these tasks are RSS feeds, JavaScript, AJAX, blogging, and web services. All of these technologies allow web environments to act more like desktop environments, so users do not have to wait any longer to get information whenever they want it. You can base a new web site completely on blogging, which allows you to quickly and easily provide fresh content to your site visitors and search engines.

Having a great blog template, domain and/or blog name, and the knowledge to generate traffic is only the beginning of what needs to be done to have a great blog.

Even when writing to inform or promote a business, writing for a blog can be more like writing an entry into a diary. The earliest blogs were just that, "A day in my life..." or "My thoughts about...". The common theme was that they were written by a person about their personal experiences.

Many new blogs have been popping up all over the Internet - An estimated 65 million blogs are already out on the Internet right now, so you have to do something to make your blog stand apart from the rest. Here are some basic rules about blogging that will give your new blog a better chance to succeed:

Grab Your Reader's Attention with an Eye-Catching Headline
Each new topic in your blog needs to have a very descriptive and eye-catching headline to pull your readers in. Just think of your blog like a newspaper or magazine article. If you are reading a magazine or a newspaper think about which articles you take the time to stop and read, and try to create headlines in your blog that will get readers to do the same thing.

Be Controversial
When writing in your blog you need to be a little edgy to keep your readers coming back for more. If you just write things that people can read elsewhere, then you will not have many readers coming back.

Update your Blog as often as Possible
The best way to keep your readers tuning into your blog on a regular basis is by constantly writing new material. If a buzz is created regarding your blog, then the best way to keep the momentum going is by updating often so that readers keep coming back.

Realize your Blog is Public Information
Once you write something on your blog it is broadcasted to anyone in the world that has an Internet connection. Since this is true you do not want to bad mouth your boss, attack a friend, or pick up under age women on your blog. If you do any of these things, then everyone will know about it and you can get into serious trouble.

Cite Reputable Sources
The most successful blogs are the ones that do not just rant and rave on a topic. The successful blogs make their very strong opinions known about particular issues, but then they also have some type of concrete information to back up their opinion. People are more likely to listen to what you have to say if you have a little bit of research to back it up.

Blog Writing is Personal
Successful blogs continue to be about "my personal experiences". Find any of the highly popular blogs and you will find first-person langauge. Unlike traditional term-paper, article, or website content writing, everything is about I, me, you and us rather than people, individuals or the often unidentified they.

Blog Writing is Conversational
Blog writing is like conversation where everyone takes a turn speaking. The blog writer begins the conversation with an explanation of how to do something, their opinion on some topic, or what they did that day. If the blog is written in an interesting and engaging manner, site visitors will feel compelled to leave a comment.

When writing a blog entry, write like you speak. Most everyone has a set of words they use in everyday conversation and another more-educated, complex set they use to impress. Incorporating a commodious lexicon of literary morphemes and employing them in your blog writing will only lead to sounding professorial and boring. Use of fancy, multi-syllabic words will also make it difficult for those whom are not native speakers of your language.

Take just enough of that impressive vocabulary to sound intelligent and blend it with simpler conversational words and you will become a better blog writer.

Write Blog Entries With a Bit of Humor
Writing engaging blog entries is helped by a sense of humor. Think about what happens when getting together with friends. Everyone enjoys sharing their personal experiences and laughing about the fun things in life. Everyone likes to laugh and blogs written with a sense of humor are more likely to be recommended by others. The effects of Digg, StumbleUpon, and any number of social promotion websites are a testament to the power of a referral. An informative blog has a chance of getting one of these social referrals, but a blog written with a hint of humor will reap far greater rewards than one written in a purely encyclopedic fashion.

Blog Writing Can Break the Rules
Perfect grammar and punctuation are always preferred, but when it comes to writing blog entries; many such errors are simply overlooked. And, sometimes it is simply more appropriate to keep the conversation flowing by starting a sentence with and. But, don't go overboard and drift towards the unreadable. Readers will be turned off by blog entries written so poorly that they couldn't even be read aloud.

The last thing every blog writer should do before pressing that publish button is re-read the entire entry. If writing does not come naturally to you and editing is even more difficult; reading your blog entries aloud will help you find incomplete thoughts, sentences and missing punctuation. If you have to take a breath mid-sentence; chances are high you are missing a comma or semi-colon somewhere or should consider rewriting the sentence entirely. No red correction pencils here, but
do make things readable.

Writing Blog Entries is Easy
Blog writing is not that hard. Most everyone has something worthwhile to share with others. The more frequently you write blog entries, the better your entries will become. Do read some of the blogs that have been around for years and you will see some patterns in language, writing style and overall feel or each entry.

So, Go Write
So, what's stopping you? Go pick up your keyboards, mice, and whatever inspires you and get writing your next blog entry.

Friday, September 7

What Does Your Tattoo Say About You?

I’ve had a period of my life where I really considered getting a tat.
After those years I look back and can say I’m really glad I never went ahead with it.
It’s great being afraid of needles! :D Anyway, here’s what your tattoo says about you, expressed in a comical virtual scetch.
On the left, the Tattoo, on the right; What does it stand for.
Hope I won’t get any Hells Angels around my door now!

Wednesday, August 1

Chevrolet Camaro

The all new pimped out, totally redesigned Chevrolet Camaro won't go on sale until the first quarter of 2009. It will use a rear-wheel-drive chassis being developed in Australia for use by GM's Holden brand headquartered there. A V-6 and a V-8 engine will be offered. The car will use a modern independent rear suspension instead of the bumpy-riding, tricky-handling solid-axle design of the original. The new car is meant to be a "modern interpretation of the 1969 model, considered by many to be the best design of the car's first generation," said Ed Welburn, GM's global vice president of design.

Friday, July 27

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 - BULL WHACKED!

They say grabbing a tiger by its tail is inviting danger. Seems no one told us that taking a raging bull by its horns was just as fraught! More so when it's on the Sepang Grand Prix circuit in Malaysia, natural habitat for thorougbred bulls to be given their head.... special drive session of the new LP640 Murcielago sportscar."

Automotive folklore of the stunning Miura and its creator fascinates no end for their bold initiative to take on the great Enzo Ferrari, reputation, history, tradition, engineering prowess, racing success and all. For a tractor maker to be this ambitious was straight out of Boys Own and even though Lamborghini didn't race, its sports cars were racy enough forgive them this lacuna.

LP640 Murcielago, LP stood for 'longitudinale posteriore' or rear-engined in a north-south placement of the glorious V12 motor with 640 being its power output. Thats what really constituted the genuine Lamborghini sportscar in its history and that had to be the Countach, not the Miura. The genes of the Countach run strong in the latest Murcielago.

A 'literal' spin in a supercar is what's the LP640 for you. A mad barking car that is docile when you have to in everyday driving on the street but direct and powerful if you like your motoring that way when you get a decent stretch of tarmac to plonk the right foot down. Get on to the flip side and it is like dancing on a razor's edge: one wrong move will have the car chew you and spit you off if you are lucky otherwise it will slice you in two without you even getting to cry out to the lord.

So what have the Lamborghini engineers done to make the LP640 the most audacious car ever from Sant' Agata? Well if you take in the sleek exterior first you will not notice a purer form than this Murcielago. Of course there is function which has decided the overall form so while

there are new design bumpers front and rear, it is the sides which throw up an interesting mix: the expanse behind the air intake on the right hand side is practically closed while that on the left has a vast gaping aperture for the cooling charge to hit the oil radiator. It may not be dramatic enough like the Diablo but then that is only measuring the extent of how far wild you can go with a Lamborghini. And the Murcielago is both, pretty and wild, rolled into one fine orgasmic whole.

Open the scissor door to inelegantly glide yourself down into the cockpit and you know that you are in a genuine honest to goodness fire breather. Lamborghini has laid out both right and left hand drive versions of the LP640 with both the six-speed close ratio manual gearbox as well as the brilliant e-gear auto 'box complete with its new dedicated acceleration mode (aptly termed "Thrust") built-into the system. And as always there are the permanent four wheel drive with the torque split normally set at 30:70 front to rear but with the ability to switch seamlessly after the electronics brains trust residing in the car takes in factors such as dynamic oscillation, weight transfer and also the relative friction factor in optimum synchronisation with the viscous clutch. In fact the Lamborghini boffins informs that if it were ever needed, in extreme cases one could find 100 per cent of the ample 660Nm of torque being fed to just one axle and this could even be the one at the front!

The magnificent naturally aspirated 60-degree V12 has been upped in capacity to 6.5 litres and this has helped bump up the power from 580bhp to 640bhp at 8000rpm. Torque is a battleship monstering 660Nm at 6000 rpm and you know that more is never enough in this league.

Imagine the performance capability of the LP640: it does zero to 100km/h in 3.4 secondsat in first gear! Only get to shift into second at around the 105km/h mark and from then on it is not the quickness of pace or the speedo and rev needles going crazy which impresses but the sheer planted feel as those mighty 18-inch Pirelli P Zeros get to work, laying down the power admirably well on this wide tracked ballerina. Yes this 1665kg car is fast (330km/h top speed), nimble where it has to be, taut when you allow it to be so and perfectly tractable when you are on the babe hunt run cruising down .

Hustling the Murcielago is an education at the highest levels. Praise the e-gear paddle shift system, you will like to play with the mechanical feel and direct engagement of the fantastic six-speed manual transmission. Getting to take the car through its peak torque point in each cog can be scary but fun as long as you knew when you had to roll it back with the simple expedient of lifting your right foot off the throttle pedal. While might be exaggerating a bit here, the huge 380mm dia ceramic Brembos are crushingly effective and you have to watch out, for they could turn from friend to foe in no time given your shenanigans at the wheel. Lack of ESP is great in that it lets you use your skills at the wheel to do the business while delivering that chill in the nape of your neck while you are modulating throttle, dancing on the brakes and working the cog lever as never before. Let me assure you this is more car than many can handle to its hilt and that's what makes it so enticing.

Sunday, June 10

Polluting Hypocrisy

In the Interest of a Nation or Personal Business Gains?

Saturday, June 2

[nsfw] 8 things a girl should not do at office!

Funny collection of what you should not do at office (if you are a girl).
And what should do, if you are a boy :P .

office girl
office girl
office girl
office girl
office girl
office girl
office girl
office girl

Sunday, May 20

10 Interesting Things You Can Do with YouTube or Google Videos

Unless you are staying in an underground cave for more than a year without an internet connection, there's a healthy chance that you have atleast watched, if not downloaded, an online video on Youtube or Google Videos.

The online video sharing space has exploded in the recent months with the entry of new players like Metacafe,, Revver, Yahoo, Fukkad, Wowbooty Videos and so on. Millions of video clips, technology shows, music albums, movie trailers are available on these video sites for online viewing or they can also be downloaded to your hard drive for offline viewing.

The downloaded video files are generally in FLV format (Flash Video) which is an Adobe standard for video compression. It has fast becoming the web standard for delivering online video (replacing Apple QuickTime, AVI, Windows Media and Real rm formats) because Flash Video can be viewed inside Macromedia Flash Players which is shipped by default with most web browsers. [Flash Video Learning Guide]

A lot of us know how to download Google Videos or Youtube videos from the internet but what do we do next ? Can we make the FLV video files searchable ? How do you edit FLV files ? All your questions and concerns are answered here:

How do I download videos from Youtube or Google Videos or Metacafe ?

It's strange that none of the video sharing sites provide a simple one-click button to download videos. So we will have to take the help of easy workarounds to download the videos. Here are three different ways to download any video from the internet though internally, they employ the same hack (Right-click -> "Save Target As" OR copy the link into your download manager. but change the file extension to .flv)

Approach 1: The easiest way is to copy your video URL and paste it on KeepVid Lite. When you click submit, you will be provided with a link to save the video as an FLV file.

Approach 2: Bookmark this Link or drag it your browser links toolbar. When you want to download a certain video, open the link in your browser and click the KeepVid button.

Approach 3: For Firefox Users - Install the VideoDownloader Extension from Mozilla Addons website - It downloads all embedded objects on a webpage including the video clips.

What naming convention do I adopt for saving video files on my hard disk ?

With time, as the collection of FLV files on your computer grows in size, it may get impossible to keep a track of the video files. The drawback of flv files is that they are neither searchable nor indexed by media gallery software like Picasa or Apple iTunes. Hence, an intelligent approach would be save the files in such a manner that it becomes obvious even for a layman to understand what the video is all about.

Try to include a short context and duration of the video in the name. For instance, the Google Factory Tour video is 5hours, 39minutes and 41seconds long. You can save it as Google_Factory_Tour_053941.flv or GoogleFactoryTour_053941.flv.

Such files are easy to find later using desktop search programs. Alternatively, if you have the time and energy, the FLV Meta Data Injector can insert additional meta data into FLV files. It's a free command line utility. [Watch Video Tutorial]

How can I play FLV files on my computer - They don't open with Windows Media Player or Winamp or iTunes ?

You can download free FLV players to watch FLV files locally. My favorite FLV player has a simple and easy-to-remember name - FLV Player. Another nice alternative is the Riva FLV player.

I download a large 30 minute video from Youtube but I am only interested in the last 10 minutes of the clip. How do I split a large FLV file into smaller playable video clips?

This is the most common question among video enthusiasts - they want to split a large FLV video file into smaller chunks for editing or resharing only the interesting tidbits on the internet. To break an FLV file, get the free FLV Parser - a tiny command-line tool to split FLVs into pieces. Its intended use is to convert a large FLV into a series of shorter FLVs based on a series of millisecond-based timecodes. Using the -s switch will split the audio and video of the outputted files; the audio track will be extracted as a series of MP3 files, and the short FLVs produced will have no audio track at all.

How do I convert FLV videos to Flash SWF or Windows AVI or Apple Quicktime mov formats ?

The free Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer software from Super can convert FLV files to practically any other video format including MP4, MOV H.264, AVI, ASF or Flash SWF animations. Download here.

How do I convert my AVI MPEG MOV 3GP movie clips back to FLV format ?

Say you complete editing your movie in Windows Movie Maker or Avid and now left with an MOV file that you want to convert to FLV. Just get the free Riva FLV encoder and relax. The Riva encoder even lets you select parts of the video that you want to convert to FLV and crop the rest.

I have three small video clips that I download from Google Videos and now want to join them into one single video - How do I merge FLV files ?

I am not aware of any free software that let you join FLV files other than the expensive Macromedia Flash Professional. However, here's a simple workaround to join several flv video file - convert individual flv files to avi using Super [as mentioned above], then join the multiple Avi files into a single avi file using free VirtualDub and finally convert this avi back to FLV using Riya FLV encoder.

How do I watch Youtube Video on my iPod, PSP or Television ?

Again we'll make use of the Super Video Encoder mentioned above. Just convert the FLV file into a corresponding format (like Apple iPod or Sony PSP or MPG) and transfer it to your gadget.

I want to add my own music and photos to a Youtube video clip but don't have the budget to buy Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro or Macromedia Flash. Can I still create my custom video for free ?

Chances are that your computer already has a full fledged video editing application installed by default - it's called Windows Movie Maker and should satisfy the needs of most hobbyist film makers. You can add titles, transitions and even certain video effects.

Here's how to edit a Youtube video inside WIndows Movie Maker - First convert the FLV to AVI format using Super Encoding software, then add your own pictures, music or video clips and finally export the completed file into any video format of your choice. It's that simple.

I don't like the FLV Video Player provided by Google Video. Can I create my custom skin for embedding the video clip ?

The problem with official video players, like the ones provided by YouTube or Metacafe, is that they cannot be customized and the embedded video content is completely contolled by the video hosting site. You cannot personalize the layout of the FLV players like the color settings, logos, etc.

Hence the best solution is to get your creative juices flowing and design the skin of the FLV player yourself. Instructions are available at Adobe Website. You may have to have to download trial version of Macromedia Dreamweaver and Flash Professional software for this trick to work.

Google Videos are not available in my country yet - Can I set download them or view them online ?

Absolutely, you can still watch and download Google Video - read workaround.

Saturday, April 7

Suzuki SX4 sedan at the New York Auto Show

2008 Suzuki SX4 Sedan
Built in Japan, the SX4 sedan features a sophisticated 2।0-liter, in-line four-cylinder, 16-valve DOHC engine rated at 143 horsepower and 136 lb.-ft. of torque, making it more powerful than the segment volume leaders. It is available with either an automatic or a five-speed manual transmission.

Thursday, February 1

SONY ERICSSON GSM Mobile Phone Model No: K790i

Features :
  • General Network : UMTS / GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900
  • Size Dimensions : 105 x 47 x 22 mm
  • Weight : 115 g
  • Display Type : TFT, 256K colors
  • Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2.0 inch, 30 x 40 mm
  • - Wallpapers, screensavers
  • Ringtones Type : Polyphonic (72 channels), MP3
  • Vibration : Yes
  • Memory : Phonebook 1000 x 20 fields, Photo call
  • Call records : 30 received, dialed and missed calls
  • Card slot : Memory Stick Micro (M2)
  • - 64 MB internal memory
  • Data : GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps
  • HSCSD : Yes
  • EDGE : No
  • 3G : Yes, 384 kbps
  • WLAN : No
  • Bluetooth : Yes, v2.0
  • Infrared port Y: es
  • USB : Yes, v2.0
  • Features Messaging : SMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging
  • Browser : WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML(NetFront)
  • Games : FotoQuestFishing, MiniGolf + downloadable
  • Colors : Velvet Black, Allure Brown
  • Camera : 3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, autofocus, video(QCIF), xenon flash; secondary video call VGA camera
  • Java MIDP 2.0
  • RDS FM radio
  • MP3/AAC/MPEG4 player
  • TrackID music recognition
  • T9
  • Image viewer
  • Picture editor
  • Picture blogging
  • Organiser
  • Built-in handsfree
  • Voice memo/dial
  • Battery : Standard battery, Li-Po 900 mAh (BST-33)
  • Stand-by : Up to 350 h
  • Talk time : Up to 7 h

  • MRP:
    USD 551
    Best Deal Price:
    USD 434