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Top 8 Favourite Future Touch Phones

People who are obsessed with their cell phones must brace themselves for the uber-excitement that future holds for them.
The iPhones, Androids and 4Gs as you see in their current forms, will seem too outdated when the superb futuristic ingenuity of the designers will transform into real products.
Here’s a list of par excellence concept phones sporting awe-inspiring designs and the statement, which might leave you no more fascinated with your current phone.

8. The CiSi concept phone

cisi Top 8 Touch Phones in Future

The CiSi concept phone could be seen as the most stylish eco-friendly phone with all cutting-edge features. The futuristic phone boasts of beautiful wooden finish, 4 backlit main keys and the Grave UI, which is a custom interface for Android OS. The extremely thin casing is commendable.

7. Dazzling Bracelet Phone by Tao Ma

dazzling Top 8 Touch Phones in Future
A fashionista could go crazy over this trendy metal bracelet, which is in fact an ultra-sleek cell phone. Designed in handcuff style, the techno bracelet shines like a diamond and also incorporates a MP3 player.

6. The Ring Phone Concept by Tao Ma

toa ma Top 8 Touch Phones in Future
Tao Ma is the master of unique idea and so only he could have thought of this exceptional Ring Phone concept. It’s the Sony Ericsson Ring Phone which also won the SE design competition in 2004, so you might see it becoming a reality pretty soon.

5. The Benq-Siemens Snaked

future1 Top 8 Touch Phones in Future
benq siemens snaked jWVTc 22974 Top 8 Touch Phones in Future
The Benq designers have created this sexy snake style bracelet phone, which looks simply irresistible. The Snaked has been designed for sporty women, so also includes body monitoring sensors to help women gauge their fitness regime.

4. The Holo Mobile Computer Phone

holo mobile computer phone szuxL 22974 Top 8 Touch Phones in Future
French designer Elodie Delassus has redefined mobile computing with this ultra-trendy bracelet phone. The HOLOP2.0 could be a desirable fashion accessory, which aslo gives you exceptional internet access with portable computer features. It’s made from highly flexible non-conductive, non-allergic and heat resistant material for comfortable wear and uninterrupted networking.

3. The Nokia 888 Mobile Phone by Tamer Nakisci

nokia 888 eGhTL 22974 Top 8 Touch Phones in Future
Tamer Nakisci’s Nokia 888 is the most flexible phone one can ever imagine. It uses liquid battery, features speech recognition, has flexible touch screen and touch sensitive body cover which lets it mould according to the environment.

2. The futuristic Dial concept phone

dial phone concept ZXIKf 22974 Top 8 Touch Phones in Future
Jung Dae Hoon’s Dial is inspired from the glorious era of the dial phones, but it’s the uber-futuristic of the classic phones. Wearable like a bangle, the Dial is has a projected light beam in the inner circle, which is a touchscreen dial.

1. The Finger-Touching Phone Concept

finger touching concept phone SKIoF 22974 Top 8 Touch Phones in Future
You don’t touch with your finger rather touch your finger in this unique wearable Finger-Touching phone concept, designed by Sunman Kwon. Compatible with 3.5G, 4G communication standard, the phone allows easy communication and enhances online chatting experience. The phone uses it uses the 12 instinctive “finger joints” for easy and simple controls.

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